More than a radio automation system


AUDIOBOX is a stand-alone device that includes control and configuration software.

Compatible with all radio systems in the sector. Manufactured and designed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the Spanish broadcasting sector, thus being able to customize the software and hardware according to the needs of our clients.


AUDIOBOX is an analog mixer with 4 balanced stereo inputs, each one of them has its own silence detector that can be parameterized by software.

– Fade in/out functions in audio channels and players with parameterizable time
– 1 balanced stereo output with silence detection
– 4 GPIO for receiving or sending orders and statuses, functions adjustable by software

– 8 relays to remote devices, functions adjustable by software

– Integrated player for audio files of any format mp3, mp2, wav, etc.

– Integrated player for external streaming sources

– Communication channel for fully customizable TCP orders, etc.

– Silence detector in any of the audio inputs, players and output

– Status alarms by email for any system function, silence, status change of any control device, etc. Fully software adjustable

– Visual indication of levels, audio presence

– Touch screen for direct functions and status viewer

– Integrated control computer with SD storage unit for the operating system

All this in a 2u rack chassis, with 4 programmable luminous front buttons for direct manual functions.

It includes the control software to customize the needs of the station without limitations or costs for positions or devices.

Manageable from PC Windows 7 onwards, Mac, Android or IOS mobile devices.

AUDIOBOX replaces:

– Complete professional computer in 4u rack format
– Operating system license

– Automation software to manage and configure GPIO, external mixer, events, etc.

– GPIO card for PC

– External mixer manageable by software or high cost sound card for pc (Digigram, AudioScience)

– Silence detection unit

– External power supply for GPIO reference voltages

– External streaming player (or PC)

– External player for audio files or CDs

– Rack with at least 10 u free to locate the devices

What can I do with AUDIOBOX Controller?

The only limit is you

AUDIOBOX allows you to configure email alerts for any event that you want to control, for example, if there is silence in any of the audio inputs, silence in the streaming channel, silence in the internal audio player or simply silence in the audio output

email de alertas AudioBox Controller

Of course the alarms are configurable to any other function of the equipment

And if there is a silence apart from sending us an alert, what can we do?

All the events that occur, such as silence, can be associated with the actions we want, that is, in the event of silence on channel 1, you send me an alert by email and switch to channel 2 with a 3-second fade, and if on the channel 2 there was no audio, we started a streaming playback of the news channel…

We can chain events and actions without any limitation

all monitored from the mobile app

Of course we can take manual action from our mobile

AUDIOBOX allows you to control the 4 audio inputs of the matrix/mixer manually and automatically, we can make them fully automatic

… by timer, by detection of a GPIO status, by a TCP order, by the closing of a chain relay and a long etc.

or manually from the front buttons or by software from any device, computer or mobile, outside or inside the station

AUDIOBOX allows you to connect with any external streaming source and use it as an internal player controlled manually or automatically, with fades, silence control and network cuts. In this way we can consider streaming as a source of the Chain, as an internal source or simply as an emergency

Not only can we play external streaming sources, but we can also store audio files of any format in the internal storage unit that we can play manually or automatically

Of course, by configuring the AUDIOBOX we can receive orders from any radio chain, by contact detection, by satellite relay, by TCP/IP, by timer, etc.

Any of these functions or a combination of them is possible in a simple and intuitive way

Through the mobile application we can act remotely wherever we are, on any function of the equipment:

Audio channel change, file playback, streaming playback, start or end of any action, it will no longer be necessary to go to the station to change the sound source

Also see at all times the status of the station, active channel, if there is presence of audio in inputs or outputs, status of the chain, etc.

Through the mobile app we can use our phone to record an interview or event and once finished send it to the AudioBox and play it remotely from the mobile to be broadcast immediately on the air or we can schedule it to be done automatically later

Then we can return to automatic or manual mode as appropriate and everything from the mobile



Works with any operating system: Windows, Apple, IOS, Android

easy to set up

Friendly, simple and intuitive interface. But at the same time powerful and practical


Achievable by any budget. Request a budget without obligation


Integrates with any system on the market, customizable through the integrated software


Comprehensive telephone, email, remote or face-to-face support


- Professional features
- Cloud services
- Customizable on demand as it is fully developed by us


What versions of AUDIOBOX are there?


If we want to have control of our station, AUDIOBOX Controller will allow us to configure the equipment for any normal need of any radio station:
Chain disconnections, with its 4 audio inputs we will have 4 different sources, by GPIO, TCP, GDS and a long etcetera,
it is also compatible with all radio systems on the market.


If we want to fully automate the broadcast, not only to remote equipment or external systems, with the PLAYER version we can play spots, jingles, music, that is, all the content of our station.
Including music and advertising manager, disconnections, etc. .
With all the power of the controller, regardless of the system that the station already has to edit or create content.


Equipment customized and designed to cover all the disconnection needs of the Cadena SER at a national level.
In combination with the MASTER (also designed by Meduxa) the Cadena SER manages completely automatically all disconnections, whether national, regional or local
Independently of the audio manager used by local or associated stations.

Technical characteristics